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Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 2nd Lisbon edition, 2010, <...> Reprint".

Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda. Please consider that this book has seen several reprints, which brought about minor updates with each reprint. It may  therefore occur that updates or corrigenda are listed which may already have been taken care of in your printed copy.

Typographical error | p. 134

Page: 134 Chart Number: 7/19 Chart Title: The importance of Art. 21(1) TFEU

The box  beginning with “Wider scope of free movement law:” (5th row, first box to the left-hand side) should read:

Wider scope of free movement law:

Through Art. 21(1) TFEU, the Court has brought new issues within the scope of free movement law.

E.g. job seekers allowance as part of the right of access to work; Collins (2004), Ioannidis (2005), Vatsouras (2009).

The box  beginning with “Right to equal treatment under Art. 18 TFEU …” (5th row, box in the middle) should read:

Right to equal treatment under Art. 18 TFEU (focus on nationality; see Chart 7/15):
In relation to various different issues; e.g.:

  • Child-raising allowance not falling under other EU law; Martinez Sala (1998);
  • Social assistance benefit; Trojani (2004);
  • Student loan; Bidar (2005);
  • Taxation of the economically inactive; Commission v Portugal (2006), Turpeinen (2006) _.

Further, the box  beginning with “Increasing importance of Art. 20(1) TFEU …” (5th row, last box to the right-hand side) should read:

Increasing importance of Art. 21(1) TFEU by itself, i.e. without reference to other EU law:


  • Direct effect of Art. 21(1) TFEU; Baumbast (2002);
  • Prohibition of “restrictions to the freedoms conferred by Article 21 TFEU on every citizen”, unless there is an objective justification; De Cuyper (2006), Tas-Hagen and Tas (2006), Rüffler (2009).
Published: 10 March 2012