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Part 1: The legal foundations of the EU
  1. Introduction
  2. The development of the European Union
  3. The institutional framework of the EU
  4. Competences of the EU and the adoption of secondary measures
  5. The nature of the EU and EU law
Part 2: Basic economic law of the EU
  1. Introduction
  2. The Internal Market
  3. Competition Law
Part 3: Social law
  1. EU social law in general
  2. By way of example: two important sub-fields [Social non-discrimination law, Social security law]
Part 4: Integration techniques
  1. Positive and negative integration as linked to primary and secondary EU law
  2. Different integration techniques
Part 5: Enforcement
  1. General Remarks
  2. The actions for annulment and for failure to act
  3. The enforcement procedure (Arts. 258 TFEU et seq.)
  4. The preliminary ruling procedure (Art. 267 TFEU)
  5. Actions for damages and for unjust enrichment
  6. Exercises

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