Discontinued Web-Companions


Dear Readers of “Essential EU Law in Charts, 2nd Lisbon edition, 2010” and of “Essential EU Law in Text, 2010“.

Following the publishing of the 3rd editions of both books (“Essential EU Law in Charts, 3rd edition, 2014” and of “Essential EU Law in Text, 3rd edition, 2014“) in August 2014, the Web-Companions to both books’ earlier editions are discontinued. For the Reader’s own learned use, they may still be found at the following sites:


Book Type Mark on the back-cover
below the Bar code
Access to the Web-Companion
Essential EU Law in Charts, 3rd ed. 2014 Initial print (none) https://www.eur-charts.eu/webcompanion/essential-eu-law-in-charts/essential-eu-law-in-charts-3ed-2014
Essential EU Law in Text, 3rd ed. 2014 Initial print (none) https://www.eur-charts.eu/webcompanion/essential-eu-law-in-charts/essential-eu-law-in-text-3ed-2014
Essential EU Law in Charts, 2. “Lisbon” ed. 2010 Initial print (none) https://www.eur-charts.eu/webcompanion/essential-eu-law-in-charts/essential-eu-law-in-charts-0
Essential EU Law in Charts, 2. “Lisbon” ed. 2010 Reprints <…> Reprint https://www.eur-charts.eu/webcompanion/essential-eu-law-in-charts/essential-eu-law-in-charts-reprints
Essential EU Law in Text, “Lisbon” ed. 2010 Initial Print & Reprints https://www.eur-charts.eu/webcompanion/essential-eu-law-in-charts/essential-eu-law-in-text


Note on the Reprint:

The second (“Lisbon”) edition of this book came out in February 2010 to provide readers at an early stage with a version of the Charts that would incorporate the changes brought about by the Lisbon revision. At that time, a number of issues were still in flux. For example, the second Barroso Commission had not yet taken office, and the block exemption regime in competition law was under revision (it still is). We have therefore incorporated a few particularly important updates in this reprint, namely in Charts 2/17, 2/25, 3/7, 3/8, 9/16, 9/17 and 10/3 (and accordingly in the tables). Following the publication of this reprint, there will be a specific companion website to this version of the book, indicating, among others, the content of these updates in more detail.

We would also alert readers to the fact that, since the publication of the second edition of the present book as well as of its companion text (“Essential EU Law in Text”), suggested solutions to the exercises printed in the companion text have been posted on the companion website to the text, http://exercises.eur-charts.eu.