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Issue chart Overview chart of the EU’s policies and regulative ‘grand design’ on the digital realm (with partial cross-references to OECD and Council of Europe), Release 2023-09B. [Posted 2.5.2022, last updated 28.9.2023]
Issue text with charts “Brevier”/Informationstext (“Fragen & Antworten”) zu den laufenden Verhandlungen zwischen der Schweiz und der EU über ein bilaterales Abkommen betreffend die sog. institutionellen Fragen [Tobler / Beglinger-Brevier zum Institutionellen Abkommen Schweiz- EU, Ausgabe 2021-05.1].

“Brevier”/Text [“Q & A”; in German only] with charts explaining the institutional challenges in the bilateral relationship between Switzerland and the EU and the status of the ongoing negations about a bilateral treaty on institutional matters between these two parties [Tobler/Beglinger-Brevier zum Institutionellen Abkommen Schweiz-EU, Ausgabe 2021-05.1]. [Posted 2.5.2021]

German version, only:



Special Chart on suggested dispute resolution / arbitration procedure:

Translation German translation of the 4th edition of Essential EU Law in Charts (2018), updated to status mid 2019.
The translation is available on the present website for an initial phase as a free download. ISBN 978-3-033-05419-6
. [Posted 10.8.2019]
Issue charts Additional Charts to explain the mechanism foreseen by Art. 50 TEU in case a Member State considers withdrawal from the European Union, e.g. the UK following the advisory referendum on 23 June 2016 (“Brexit“). These Charts complement Chapter 2 of the book “Essential EU Law in Charts” 3rd edition 2014, but are included in the current 4th edition 2018. [Posted 15.7.2016, last updated 3.10.2017]
English version:

German version:

Issue charts Chart on the proposed new structure of Article 5 of the Swiss Cartell Act on the prohibition of collusive conduct (in German). For the full draft text in de/fr/it, see here. For the corresponding mechanics in EU competition law, see Charts C6 et seq. in “Essential EU Competition Law in Charts“. [Posted 29.9.2011]
Issue charts Charts on the ECJ case Test-Achats (2011) C-236/09, dealing with the legality of gender based risk pricing in insurance
contracts, namely under Directive 2004/113 [Posted 15.7.2011, updated 18.02.2012]
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Study materials Selection of 20 important competition law texts wc_esscomp_leg-mat_v.1.0.pdf
Order form Form to order the books “Essential EU Law in Charts” and “Essential EU Law in Text” directly with the publisher (to be used in particular for ordering multiple copies) EUR-Charts_OrderForm_2010-v01.pdf
Table of contents Full table of contents of “Essential EU Law in Charts” [8 p.] ToC_Essential-EU-Law-in-Charts_Tobler-Beglinger_2Ed-2010.pdf
Table of contents Full table of contents of “Essential EU Law in Text” [6 p.] ToC_Essential-EU-Law-in-Text_Tobler-Beglinger_2010.pdf
Sample pages Sample pages showing a chapter of “Essential EU Law in Charts” (Chapter 2) together with the corresponding chapter of “Essential EU Law in Text”) [39 p.] SampleChartsText_Essential-EU-Law-in-Charts-Text_Tobler-Beglinger_2Ed-2010.pdf
Sample pages Sample charts “Essential EU Law in Charts”: examples from various chapters [13 p.] Samples_Essential-EU-Law-in-Charts_Tobler-Beglinger_2Ed-2010.pdf
Sample pages Sample charts “Essential EU Law in Charts”: one full chapter [28 p.] SampleChap2_Essential-EU-Law-in-Charts_Tobler-Beglinger_2Ed-2010.pdf
Sample pages Sample pages “Essential EU Law in Text” [10 p.] Part1-B_Essential-EU-Law-in-Text_Tobler-Beglinger_2010.pdf
Illustration Graphic representation on the role of the Lisbon Treaty (Reform Treaty) in the Lisbon transition (“funnel”) PDF:


Download relating to the 1st edition of the charts book:
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Complementary chapter to the 1st edition of the charts book (Essential EC Law in Charts, 2007) on the Lisbon Treaty (Reform Treaty) ECcharts-02a-Reform_Treaty_V18.pdf