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Details... Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 3rd edition, 2014". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Update | p. 062

Page: 062 Chart Number: 2/25 Chart Title: Membership

The text in the lower part of the page under the box “Candidate States and applicants” on “Candidate States” must read:

EU and Euratom

Candidate States: Albania,    Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey

Potential Candidate States: Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo (_ the non-active application for membership by Switzerland was formally withdrawn in July 2016)


Add a new box and new text above the box entitled “Outside the EU: EFTA and EEA States”:

Withdrawal (Art. 50 TEU)


EU and Euratom

UK (23 June 2016: advisory referendum in favour of withdrawal; the withdrawal procedure under Art. 50 TEU was triggered on 29 March 2017); see Charts 2/25a – 2/25e


The “Brexit” Charts 2/25a – 2/25e are available for download here.

Published: 4 September 2017