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Details... Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 3rd edition, 2014". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Update | p. 274

Page: 274 Chart Number: 10/12 Chart Title: Distinguishing direct and indirect discrimination

The box in the 3rd row on the right hand side entitled “Substance” must read:


Concerns the effect of the measure which can:
• either disadvantage only members of one group, including cases where this is so by nature or as the result of a rule having the force of law;
• or disadvantage persons from both groups, but puts or is liable to put persons from one group at a particular disadvantage;
• or idem, but entirely excludes one group.

The box in the 4th row entitled “System” must read:

System Explicitly discriminatory measure Apparently neutral measure
Disadvantages only
one group
Direct discrimination
E.g. Palacios de la Villa (2007)
Direct discrimination
E.g. Nikoloudi (2005), _, Andersen (2010)
Disadvantages persons from both groups, but puts persons of one group at a particular disadvantage whilst entirely excluding one group (not applicable) Direct discrimination
E.g. Maruko (2008), Hay (2013)
Other cases where persons from both groups are disadvantaged, and where persons of one group are put at a particular disadvantage (not applicable) Indirect discrimination
E.g. Bilka (1986), O’Flynn (1996)
Published: 21 February 2015