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Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 2nd Lisbon edition, 2010". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Typographical error | p. 172

Page: 172 Chart Number: 8/30 Chart Title: Agricultural goods

The box  entitled “Legal basis provisions” (third row, right-hand side) should read:

Legal basis provisions

  • Art. 43 TFEU: common agricultural policy, including replacing a national market organisation with a common organisation;
  • Art. 44 TFEU: countervailing charges.

The box  beginning with “The Common Market Organisation (CMO) as …” (forth row, right-hand side) should read:

The Common Market Organisation (CMO) as the most common instrument: Art. 40(1)(c) TFEU

Typically characterised by price regulation, production rules, intervention mechanisms, import and export regimes.


  • The banana dispute: WTO panel decisions; numerous ECJ decisions, in particular the Bananas WTO case (1995);
  • Critique on the sugar regime: Court of Auditors Sugar Report; WTO panel decision; see Chart 3/13.

New single CMO: Regulation 1234/2007/EC (covers potatoes only partially).

The box entitled “Competition law (see Chapter 9)” (last row, right-hand side) should read:

Competition law (see Chapter 9)

The competition rules apply only to the extent determined by the European Parliament and the Council (of Ministers), Art. 42 TFEU.

Published: 4 July 2010