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Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 2nd Lisbon edition, 2010". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Typographical error | p. 128

Page: 128 Chart Number: 7/13 Chart Title: Equality/equal treatment and non-discrimination

The second box should read:

• Equality/equal treatment requires that what is like (comparable) be treated alike whereas that which is different be treated differently according to the degree of difference, unless there is objective justification; e.g. Swedish Match (2004), Eman and Sevinger (2006), SPCM (2009).

• Accordingly, discrimination may arise through the application of different rules to comparable situations or the application of the same rule to different situations; e.g. Italian Refrigerators (1963), Merida (2004), Commission v Spain (2004).

Published: 3 August 2010