Web-Companion "Essential EU Law in Charts" 4th ed 2018

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Details... Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 4th edition, 2018". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Typographical error | p. 235

Page: 235 Chart Number: 9/3 Chart Title: What is an undertaking?

The box in the 5th row at the bottom entitled “Note:” must read:

Under the implementation or qualified effects test, the field of application of Arts. 101 and 102 TFEU is not limited to undertakings established within the EU. Rather, these provisions apply to any conduct _that (potentially) distorts competition within the EU and (potentially) affects trade between the Member States; Tepea (1978), Woodpulp (1988), Intel (2017).

Published: 28 February 2020