Web-Companion "Essential EU Law in Charts" 4th ed 2018

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Details... Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 4th edition, 2018". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Update | p. 127

Page: 127 Chart Number: 6/12 Chart Title: Effect of general principles and the CFR in favour of individuals

The box in the 5th row on  the right hand side, entitled “Charter of fundamental rights”, must read:

Charter of Fundamental Rights

Certain, but not all, CFR provisions confer rights on individuals which they may rely on as such, even in horizontal situations, where these provisions are sufficient in themselves and do not need to be made more specific by provisions of EU or national law. (Reminder: some CFR provisions are expressions of general principles; see Chart 7/13.)

E.g. Art. 21 CFR (non-discrimination); Ajos (2016), Egenberger (2018); Art. 47 CFR (effective judicial protection); Egenberger (2018); ); Art. 31(2) CFR (entitlement to paid annual leave); Bauer (2018)

Published: 25 August 2019