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Details... Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 4th edition, 2018". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Update | p. 069

Page: 069 Chart Number: 2/30 Chart Title: Addressing issues raised by the withdrawal

The box in the 3rd row on the left hand side entitled “Through the withdrawal agreement” must read:

 Through the withdrawal agreement

Exampels of possible issues:

  • Transitional rules;;
  • The protection of acquired rights,
    e.g. of citizens having exercised Union rights before the withdrawal of the State in question (maintenance of residence rights etc.);
  • Budget and financial obligations of the exiting state / the EU.

Protection of acquired rights is not guaranteed through Art. 50 TEU, different from e.g. Art. 23 of the EU- Swiss Agreement on the free movement of persons.


E.g. the UK Government on the 31 January 2020


The box in the 3rd row in the middle must read:

Through an alternative arrangement for post- membership relations

Various possibilities in theory, notably:

  • EFTA and EEA membership (“Norway model”);
  • Customs union (“Turkey model”);
  • Sectoral agreements (“Switzerland model”);
  • Free trade and investment agreement of the modern type (“Canada model”);
  • No special arrangement, WTO law only (“Hong Kong model”).


E.g. the UK Government:

  • Alternatives to Membership: possible models for the United Kingdom outside the European Union (March 2016);
  • The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union (February 2017): ‘an ambitious and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement’.
Published: 28 February 2020