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Dear Reader of "Essential EU Competition Law in Charts, 2011 Edition". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Update | p. 63

Page: 063 Chapter: 2.5 Undertakings with a special position under national law Chart Number: C46 Chart Title: Services of general economic interest

The box in the first row, entitled “ The concept of “services of general economic interest” ”, must read:

The concept of “services of general economic interest” (SGEI)


The box in the second last row on the right hand side, entitled “Art. 107 TFEU State aid”, must read:

Art. 107 TFEU
State aid

Altmark (2003), Olsen (2005), UFEX (2006)

See Chart C53


The last box, entitled “Notes”, must read:

• Services of general economic interest (SGEI) must be distinguished from services of general interest (SGI); see in
particular Commission Communication on SGIs (2001), Green Paper on SGIs (2003), White Paper on SGIs (2004) and Guide to the application of the EU rules on state aid, public procurement and the internal market to SGEI, and in particular to social SGI (2013).
• Following the Lisbon revision, there is a Protocol No 26 on services of general interest.
Art. 107(1) TFEU does not cover aid granted to undertakings providing services of general economic interest which has an insignificant effect on competition (de minimis); Regulation 360/2012 EU.

Published: 19 August 2014