Updates & Corrigenda

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Dear Reader of "Essential EU Competition Law in Charts, 2011 Edition". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

New legislation | p. 21

Page: 021 Chapter: 2. Conduct of undertakings Chart Number: C4 Chart Title: The relevant market

The 2nd box must read:

Importance of the definition of the relevant market

• For the purposes of Art. 102 TFEU, the proper definition of the relevant market is a necessary precondition for any judgment as to allegedly anti-competitive behaviour; Volkswagen (2000); see Chart C30;
• In other contexts (e.g. Art. 101 TFEU, merger control under Regulation 139/2004/EC and sectoral competition law), it may be an important element, e.g. in relation to the effect on trade between Member States and on competition, and in relation to product_turnover and market shares; Heubach (2005).

Published: 10 July 2011