Updates & Corrigenda

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Dear Reader of "Essential EU Competition Law in Charts, 2011 Edition". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Update | p. 54

Page: 054 Chapter: 2.3 Enforcement of Arts. 101 and 102 TFEU Chart Number: C37 Chart Title: Commission proceedings

The box in the 3rd row, on the left hand side, entitled “Hearing”, must read:


Art. 27 of Regulation 1/2003/EC, Arts. 11-14 of Regulation 773/2004/EC

• Upon the request of a party in the written reply to the statement of objection or of a third party that can show sufficient interest;
• Conducted by the hearing officer who ensures respect for the rights of defence, Decision 2011/695/EU.

The box in the 2nd last row, entitled “Possibility of judicial review”, must read:

Possibility of judicial review

• Action for annulment to the General Court under Art. 263 TFEU; see Chart B18.
• Appeal on points of law to the Court of Justice; see Chart B20.

Note: The judicial review provided is compatible with the requirements of the principle of effective judicial protection by EU Courts as required by Art. 6 ECHR and the Charter of Fundamental Rights; KME (2011), which in fact is a follow-up case on the ECHR case Menarini (2011).


Published: 19 May 2012