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Please find hereinafter the suggested solutions to the 64 exercises contained in the book "Tobler/Beglinger, Essential EU Law in Text, 5th edition, HVG-ORAC 2020, ISBN 978-963-258-490-4".  To give you an idea how the exercises in the book are phrased, they have been added for the first three instances. Any comments or feedback are welcome.

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Two important subfields of social law – Exercise 3

Page: 104 Chapter: Part 3, B. III. 3.

Suggested solution:

This exercise case concerns the same directive as in the previous case, i.e. Directive 2000/78/EC, which does not cover the access to services. Under possible future secondary law, the measure in question would amount to prima facie indirect discrimination on grounds of disability: it concerns an apparently neutral measure with a disparate effect on people with disabilities. Whilst we have no information on objective justification, it seems difficult to imagine such justification in relation to people with a disability (in other words: the rule should exempt people with a disability).

[Relevant Charts: Chapter 10, in particular Charts 10/8 and 10/10-10/11]



Published: 13 July 2020