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Please find hereinafter the suggested solutions to the 64 exercises contained in the book "Tobler/Beglinger, Essential EU Law in Text, 5th edition, HVG-ORAC 2020, ISBN 978-963-258-490-4".  To give you an idea how the exercises in the book are phrased, they have been added for the first three instances. Any comments or feedback are welcome.

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Free movement of goods – Exercise 4

Page: 68 Chapter: Part 2, B. II. 4. 4.

Suggested solution:

The element defined in this case law is that of “measures having an effect equivalent to a quantitative restriction” (MEEQR) in Art. 34 TFEU. It is part of the prohibition contained in Art. 34 TFEU in order to make this provision more effective (application by analogy of the reasoning used by the Court in relation to the concept of charges having equivalent effect under Art. 30 TFEU; Diamond Workers). The question further invites the reader to recall the Court’s statements on the meaning of the legal concept of an MEEQR in the four landmark cases. These will be useful in view of the next exercise.

[Relevant Charts: Chapter 8, in particular Charts 8/18-8/23]



Published: 13 July 2010