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MEEQRs under Art. 34 TFEU: Dassonville

In Dassonville, the CJEU gave a very broad definition of the term “measures having an effect equivalent to quantitative restrictions on imports” (MEEQR) under Art. 34 TFEU.
8|19 162
MEEQRs under Art. 34 TFEU: Keck
In Keck, the CJEU held that, within the category of indistinctly applicable measures, a distinction must be made between product rules and selling rules. Certain selling arrangements are never covered by Art. 34 TFEU, and are independent of mandatory requirements.
8|21 164
MEEQRs under Art. 34 TFEU: Towing Trailers
In Towing Trailers, the CJEU provided a more detailed definition of what an MEEQR is under Art. 34 TFEU.
8|22 165
Result: MEEQRs covered by Art. 34 TFEU
As a result of the CJEU case law, the term “MEEQR” covers both distinctly applicable measures and indistinctly applicable measures, though the latter are only covered under certain conditions. Certain selling arrangements are never covered.
8|23 166


Published: 15 November 2014