Web-Companion Essential EU Law in Text: Suggested solutions to the exercises

Please find hereinafter the suggested solutions to the 64 exercises contained in the book "Tobler/Beglinger, Essential EU Law in Text, 5th edition, HVG-ORAC 2020, ISBN 978-963-258-490-4".  To give you an idea how the exercises in the book are phrased, they have been added for the first three instances. Any comments or feedback are welcome.

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The nature of the EU and EU law – Exercise 4

Page: 49 Chapter: Part 1, E. IV. 4.

Suggested solution:

In this case, the situation at issue is of a vertical nature, i.e. the opponent of the company Vermande is the state. Direct effect is, therefore, possible in principle. Whether it is actually possible in the present case depends on whether the relevant provision fulfils the criteria of being sufficiently precise and unconditional, and whether the implementation period for the directive has expired.

[Relevant Charts: Chapter 6, in particular Charts 6/36/5]



Published: 13 July 2020