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Details... Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 3rd edition, 2014". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Update | p. 093

Page: 093 Chart Number: 5/4 Chart Title: Ordinary and special legislative procedures

The last box in the fourth row on the right hand side must read:

EP is consulted, Council disposes. Adoption of the act (usually) requires a unanimous vote; see Chart 5/9.


  • Art. 113 TFEU: harmonization of legislation concerning indirect taxation; _
  • Art. 115 TFEU: general legal basis.

The box in the fifth row on the right hand side must read:

Role of Commission and Council depends on the legal basis provision; EP must give its consent.


  • _ Art. 19(1) TFEU: combating certain types of discrimination; _
  • Art. 352 TFEU: general legal basis.

The last box, entitled “Notes:”, must read:


  • The procedure is the ordinary or a special legislative procedure only if the legal provision indicates this in explicit terms; e.g. not in the case of Art. 78(3) TFEU; Slovakia and Hungary v Council (2017).
  • Only in the case of these procedures must certain obligations be complied with, relating, e.g. to the participation of national parliaments (see Chart 4/3) and public meetings of the Council.
  • For certain areas, the TFEU provides for so-called “emergency brakes” leading to a suspension of the legislative procedure where important/fundamental aspects of the national system are affected; e.g. Art. 48 TFEU (social security law), Arts. 82(3) and 83(3) TFEU (criminal law), Art. 87(3) TFEU (police cooperation). _
Published: 9 October 2017