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Details... Dear Reader of "Essential EU Law in Charts, 4th edition, 2018". Please take note of the following updates and corrigenda:

Typographical error | p. 143

Page: 143 Chart Number: 7/13 Chart Title: Equality / equal treatment and non-discrimination

The box in the 7th row (at the bottom) on the left hand side must read:


  • Arts. 20 and 21 CFR embody general principles; see Chart 7/10.
  • Treaty articles and secondary legislation on non-discrimination are specific expressions of the general principles; e.g. Royal Scholten-Honig (1978), in relation to Art. 40(2) TFEU and equal treatment; Egenberger (2018)  in relation to Directive 2000/78.
  • According to the Walt Wilhelm principle, differences of treatment resulting from differences between national legislative systems do not amount to discrimination; Walt Wilhelm (1969), further e.g. Keck (1993), Schröder (2000).
Published: 25 August 2019